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call me at half past two -
losing sleep over me, as familiar
with your ceiling as i am with my own,
give in to temptation, pick up the phone -

stick a note in my locker -
come find it from the one time you saw it,
and you'll know it's mine when there are too many
books to read, people to beome, and then
leave, ashamed you can't speak straight to my face -

run after me in the rain -
soaking to the bone and aching from the cold
(or is it us arguing that hurts?) and knock on my door or
grab my hand. just don't let go -

show up with flowers -
just appear there, slight blush staining your cheeks.
appear anywhere. after school outside my
sciene class, in the middle of the road as i'm walking
home from school, a couple petals precariously close to
falling -

throw pebbles at my window -
in the middle of the night. or call my cellphone as
you see me climb into bed. or shine a flashlight through
the glass after i switch off the light. or climb up the
vines curling on the wall and
tap on the screen and we can spend all night
wandering the streets holding hands -

- and i don't care if the only thing you can think of is
cliché. all i want to hear is i love you and
isn't that cliché enough?
so i've been cleaning and this isn't my best, but i thought i'd get it out of the way.
Pottermore is making me happy!

ps: :icondelanor:, if you're reading this - I haven't had time to fix my latest one, but thanks so much for the help, I'm planning to change it tonight :D
Delanor Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011
Aha. I really like this, actually, the deconstruction and detailing of all the usual clichés. You could even do like, a sister deviation where you de-construct them differently, in a way that sort of twists the cliché into something different than expected.
Delanor Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011
Also, I'm glad you appreciated the feedback. c: I'm excited to see the edits you do.
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June 24, 2011
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